WEIGHT TRAINING:From Beginners to Advanced

From Beginners to Advanced

This post is not designed to provide specific programs for individuals, it is however offered as a guideline when designing programs in weight training.

It is important that educated, fitness professionals complete a screening evaluation before designing a program to meet an individual’s specific needs.

It is important to ensure all relevant health history and injuries are recorded to prevent any further or future discomfort.

“Principle of Weight Training”


1. Frequency How often a training session is carried out

2. Intensity How hard a session or exercise may be

3. Duration How long the exercise takes

4. Overload To develop muscle you need to stress the body beyond its current capability

5. Progression To keep developing your need to keep
overloading ie. Training load needs to

6. Specificity The intensity, duration and exercise must
match the sport as closely as possible

It is important individuals who have not participated in weight training before, follow the order below when commencing a weight training program:

□ 1. Endurance (Beginner)
□ 2. Hypertrophy
□ 3. Strength
□ 4. Power

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