Water and Fat loss…

We have all read about drinking more water and we will lose weight. Even well respected dieticians will tell us that drinking water will assist us with fat loss. If you ask them all why?…many will struggle to give you an answer. Until recently there haven’t been many studies to be found that has put this common cry to any real tests. Recently some researchers in Germany have reported that consumption of water (H2O) can assist with a slight speed -up of our metabolic rate. The impact is modest, however there is a change. Place this along with the fact that others (Brenda Davy, Ph.D., the lead author of the study and an associate professor of nutrition at Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg.)  Who have proved that drinking water prior to breakfast lunch and dinner while also cutting back on portion size while reduce adipose tissue. It is believed Davy’s study is the first randomized controlled trial to examine the benefits of “preloading” with water before meals.

After three months, the participants who drank water had lost an average of about 15.5 pounds; (7kg) compared with just 11 pounds (5Kg) in the control group, according to the study, the first results of which were published earlier this year in the journal “Obesity”.

“This weight loss appears to be lasting, the new data suggests. After a full year of the same regimen, the water drinkers had slimmed down while those who didn’t load up on water before meals gained about more weight.” Davy says. (Unlike the data published in Obesity, the findings have not been thoroughly vetted by other experts in the field, as is required by most medical journals.)

Davy’s and her colleagues were not sure why drinking water before meals encourages fat loss, but the main reason appears to be that it helps make your stomach feel fuller, making you less hungry and less likely to overeat at meal times. It was also believed that this practice make us all less likely to drink things like soft drink, beer and other more calorie laden drinks as well.

“Drinking more water is a low-risk way to lose excess weight, especially if it takes the place of other liquid calories” said Stephen Cook, M.D., an obesity expert at the University of Rochester Medical Centre, in N.Y.

“This is an easy way to replace those calories, and if everything is equal, it will slow down your weight gain or reverse it,” says Cook, who was not involved in the new research. “It is one of the safest things we can recommend to help people lose weight.”


John Hart

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