Vary Physical Activity

Try participating in a wide variety of sports and exercise. Different exercise activities maximize the fitness benefits derived by each sport or exercise chosen.  By participating in different activities you will be rewarded with benefits in strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, power, speed and hypertrophy. By participating in various activities and varying your training routine, you also ward off mental fatigue.  We have also seen less injuries occurring due to repetitive strain or overuse injuries.  Other benefits include:

  • giving muscles time to recover
  • trains a particular muscle group in different ways
  • eliminates boredom
  • allows for differing intensities, duration and a variety
    of different resistances. 

Remember when experimenting with different sports always:

  • Warm-up
  • Include a flexibility program
  • Learn basic skills and techniques first
  • Listen to your body’s warning signals such as weakness,
    pain, loss of breath and general fatigue. 

Be adventurous and remember to have fun.

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