Thinking right for weight loss…

Many of us start out with great intentions when we endeavour to lose (adipose tissue) body fat. So what happens to us that makes us fall off the wagon? Well the answer is many fold, and will be different for each of us. A lot of people tend to take a boots-and-all approach which often ends in disaster. They will go from this approach to simply doing nothing. It is hard to stay focused when you are trying to do everything possible to lose weight which in most cases will end in another failure. The best approach is to take a deep breath, calm down and just make some simple changes that you can stick to. Over exercising, under eating and stressing about it all, will inevitably end in the same result you have experienced before. For some it may be that their mind or subconscious is not in the right state for wanting to really lose weight, while for others they may just not understand what a balanced diet is and what good nutrition is all about. The following may assist those who fall victim to the merry-go-round of fat loss. Talk with a Dietician or stick to a program that is back by one. Eating regularly and eating well from all the food groups is the key. It really is quite simple if more calories are burned than consumed than weight loss will occur. This however does not mean you have to starve yourself. In fact eating regularly will keep the metabolism working better and prevent you from gorging yourself due to starvation or some other crazy scam out there. Find an activity that you enjoy doing like, walking, tennis, bike riding or an activity you can do with a friend which may take your mind off the fact you are actually exercising. If you are on your own use a head set with some music you love to get you motivated. Commit to this at least 3 times a week and work it into your work/life schedule. One of the main problems why people put on weight is not so much what they eat (which is still very important) but more about the serving size. Start reducing the serving size first before making radical food/diet changes. This way you can eat some of your favourite foods, but less of them. You can also listen to a CD that gets you thinking right about food as well. (See this link: ) The key to any weight/fat loss is being consistent. It is important that these changes are things that will become a permanent fixture in your life that you can easily work with and adapt to. The following small tips might also assist.
1. Don’t try to change your eating until you have learned about what is a good diet.
2. Motivate yourself every day by listening to a mind tape about making good choices.
3. Eat everything slowly and enjoy every bite.
4. Don’t skip meals/ensure you eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks every day.
5. Stay accountable by keeping a diary
6. Eat in a very healthy way but allow yourself to have one favourite food once a week.
7. Change your mind-set about food and eating. Recognize that you can eat whatever you want in moderation.
8. Choose a piece of fruit first before reaching for the junk food.
9. Teach yourself the difference between hunger and that empty feeling in your stomach when you haven’t eaten for a few hours and a real craving to eat.
10. Boredom can be a real reason for going to the fridge or pantry so instead go for a walk and have a glass of water. Try and find various distractions to keep your mind of food between meals and snacks.
11. Have a set plan and time for meals and snacks.
12. Bad eating is a habit you need to break. Habits take about 45 days to break.
13. Find yourself a good Personal Trainer that understands your needs and gets you there slowly without throwing up and making you never want to return.
Good luck, take it slow and be consistent.
By: John Hart
Master’s In Education” (Disability/Rehab) Newcastle University Australia
“Grad Cert Education” Newcastle University Australia
“Diploma Fitness/Recreation”
“Diploma of Sport and Recreation”
“Cert 4 Personal Training”
“Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach”
Member of ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

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