Supplements/Sports drinks and potions.

Supplements/Sports drinks and potions.

Confused? Of course you are. Today we have more choice than ever before. Can we eat this? Should I take that? Will this work for me with weight loss? Can this drink, supplement, powder, potion make me stronger, better looking, and have big biceps?
Is it good for me or bad for me?

We are continually bombarded and conditioned by every person, manufacturer and snake oil salesman who has a product or barrow to push.

Unfortunately we are also building a nation of people who believe everything they hear or are in fact told. Or my favourite line “I know it’s true because my girlfriend’s brother best friend’s cousin has a mechanic that told him it was true”

Ahhh, don’t you just love em? So lets try and take out some of the confusion.

Most supplements are not worth the money. Protein based supplements are unnecessary. The average Australian consumer takes in about twice his/her daily requirement. Too much protein causes kidney damage, constipation and contributes to arthritis and coronary disease. Good carbohydrates should still make up over 60% of your daily intake.

Sports drinks are great for the elite athlete who runs, cycles, and swims marathons everyday. However for the average exercisers they are just full of sugar and contribute to a poor diet. The new buzz drinks on the market and also the flavour of the month have been the caffeine infused, sugar sweetened beverages in beautifully designed cans to entice the younger generation. Of course the caffeine fix allows the consumer to be easily hooked.

Add heavy exercise two or more caffeine infused drinks and you have the perfect formula for a heart attack.

So as you can see…. “NO”….. I’m not a fan of a lot of supplements, sports drinks, or crazy untested potions. The latest craze that rears its ugly head is the chemist “diet shakes” that make you slim. Don’t get me started about these.

In real food, “you know the stuff that actually looks like it was grown on a tree or in the ground or was running around alive at some stage” is still your best option..

Science is slowly realizing that our fresh, vegetables, fruits and lean meats have micro nutrients that are now just coming to surface that can’t be found in some supplements or shake drink. A quick example is lycopene which is found in tomatoes.

The Institute of Nutritional Sciences touted the benefits of lycopene, a dietary carotenoid found in high concentrations in tomato products.

Lycopene is an antioxidant which purportedly fights the free radicals that can interfere with normal cell growth and activity. These free radicals can potentially lead to cancer, heart disease and premature aging. Lycopene is also beneficial in fighting prostate cancer in men.

So stick to a healthy diet and avoid all these things that don’t resemble food. Sorry to be so boring but the facts speak for themselves. For those of you who can’t help themselves here are a few things that actually good for you and are clinically tested.
• Omega fish oils
• glucosamine and chondroitin
• a good vitamin and mineral supplement (and some still question this one?)
• low glycemic carb food
• Filtered water


By: John Hart
Dip Fit/Rec
Copyright 2009

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