Sun for Health

While I’m not advocating huge amounts of sun exposure there are indeed some benefits that are sometimes over looked. Here are some benefits of getting a moderate amount of sun in your life. The sun kills some bacteria (not all), can be beneficial against psoriasis, acne, fungal conditions, plays a role in hormone production, has a positive effect on muscle development, protects the immune system, produces vitamin D for bone strength, white cell lymphocytes increase, can assist with growth and development in children, assists with some forms of depression, (SAD- disorder seasonal adjustment disorder)

Exposure to the sun should be done slowly and not in the middle of the day try and get exposure before 10am and after 3 pm.  Avoid sunburn by building up your tolerance to the sun slowly. Ensure you are not genetically predisposed to melanoma. Avoid certain sun screens that contain harmful chemicals. Be Sun safe.

By: John Hart

Master’s In Education” (Disability/Rehab) Newcastle University Australia

“Grad Cert Education” Newcastle University Australia

“Diploma Fitness/Recreation”

“Diploma of Sport and Recreation”

“Cert 4 Personal Training”

“Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach”

Member of ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

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