Regular Exercise isn’t all that hard

Exercise has to be part of your daily routine.  Most people find a myriad of excuses for not exercising like:

 - The dog is too tired to walk today
 - It’s hair washing day today
 - I watched Oz Aerobics, which raised my heart rate already today
 - It’s too hot/too cold/too perfect day to exercise
 - I could get molested by a pack of hash harriers
 - If god wanted us to exercise why would he allow us to have motor cars

Trust me, we’ve heard them all!  The most common excuse I hear is “I don’t get the time”.  If  you don’t get time now, make sure you have plenty of time later in life to make visits to the Doctor, Chemist, Physio, Chiropractor, Herbalist as you will probably need them all.

When people tell me they have no time to exercise the first question I ask is “How many hours do you sleep?”  The reply is usually anywhere from 6 to 9 hours.  My response is just to take one hour from sleep time and
allocate it to exercise each day.

We now know the following benefits are achieved through exercise:

Exercise -

 - Burns calories
 - Increases muscle mass – which allows more calories/kilojoules energy to be used
 - Increases the metabolic process (ability to burn more calories at rest)
 - Leads to a sense of well-being (Endorphin release)
 - Decreased bouts of depression
 - Benefit to the heart
 - Benefit the complete cardiovascular system (heart and lungs)
 - Effective in prevention of Heart disease, strokes, and has been known to lower blood pressure
 - Reduces cholesterol and body fats
 - Weight of body exercise may reduce occurrence of osteoporosis
 - Better self confidence and self esteem
 - Increased flexibility
 - Increased strength
 - Endurance is improved in every day life and sport
 - Reduces stress
 - Can assist with illness such as asthma
 - Has a positive affect on the Immune System (Assists with protection from illness)
 - Better co-ordination
 - Better balance
 - Increases energy levels
 - Slows down the aging process
 - Decreases body fat
 - Elevates HDL levels of cholesterol (the good ones!)
 - Will tone and shape your physique

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