Why do I get back pain when I get my periods?

Menses pain is not fun, yes, it is a male writing this but I know how much my wife suffers each month so I hope the following helps a little ladies. This pain is certainly not uncommon. Your lower back pain during your period is caused by the same condition that causes you, your cramps. The pain you are experiencing in the front and lower back is known as primary dysmenorrhea which is a flashy word for cramps.

Dysmenorrhea is caused by too much prostaglandin during your cycle. These chemicals that are produced in the uterine lining cause your uterine muscles to contract so that you can shed the lining each month. It is this that leads to the cramping. These are also causing your back pain as they can radiate from the abdomen to the back and even your thighs.

If you have always had similar menstrual symptoms then it’s probably nothing to worry about. But see a doctor if the condition last more than a few days. In the meanwhile try the following to see if it eases the pain. Take an over the counter anti-inflammatory , use a heating pad on your lower back, take a hot bath, try exercising ( as in a long slow walk), and try taking some magnesium complex from the health food store….. As men we know……… if all this doesn’t help?……… EAT CHOCOLATE!!!!! J

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