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As you all know I have been writing about exercise and fitness and diets now for many years and have often talked about all the nonsense and ridiculous stuff we see plastered on TV, on the internet and in magazines about weight loss and crazy diets.How lucky was I ?…..and how refreshing was it to meet Cyndi O’Meara at a recent TAFE conference?

As some of you also know I am currently doing some student Practicum in Exercise Science and Co-Managing the TAFE Gym at Mooloolaba in Australia…..I was just so impressed by Cyndi that I wanted to share her site and information with you all. As you know I do not promote people or products that are rubbish and untrue and it is rare for me to make links to other sites but this one is a must for everyone….I totally agree with all Cyndi has to say…we should be concentrating on the additives and preservatives that are literally killing us !!! I hope you don’t mind Cyndi but I have put a link to your site for my followers and also stolen some of your blurb!!! :)

Check it people !!! .. Its fantastic stuff….

Cyndi is a passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues and uses her education and experience to help others improve their quality of life so they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives. Concerned by the state of our health system and the lack of educated consumers, Cyndi explores relevant and confronting issues such as cancer, diseases, diets, drugs and medication and asks people to make a choice about what they are willing to consume. She raises serious questions such as ‘Is margarine really the answer or is it a major contributor to obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Are artificial sweeteners the great low calorie alternative or deadly neurotoxins?’

Her unique, surprisingly simple and down-to-earth approach challenges and encourages others to eliminate unhealthy habits and have inspired thousands to make smarter choices about the food they choose to put into their body. By educating people on how to read food labels, why diets don’t work, and how drugs can affect your total well-being and vitality, Cyndi confronts her audiences with new truths and empowers them to make long lasting changes with simple and achievable steps on how to create healthier habits.

Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Nutrition from Deakin University in Victoria and the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Cyndi also undertook postgraduate studies from RMIT Victoria in human anatomy, pathology, physiology and diplomas in diagnosis and management of health issues.

Highly successful and award-winning businesswomen, Cyndi was named Sunshine Coast Business Women of the Year in 2003. In every aspect of her life, she looks outside conventional thinking to find new ways of balancing her time with family, business and good health to create a wonderful, balanced lifestyle.

A lively and inspiring health expert and lifestyle coach, Cyndi O’Meara has regularly appeared on national talk-back radio to educate listeners on how to overcome health problems and lead a happy, healthy, high-energy lifestyle.

Here is what people have said about Cyndi when they have heard her speak

  • » Very good wish more time was allocated.
  • » Thought provoking. Good to see a strong presenter.
  • » Extra-ordinary presenter + I believe she’ll help me change my life.
  • » The best presentation of the conference.
  • » Extremely motivating speaker – very enjoyable.
  • » Excellent, some real food for thought.
  • » Would love to learn more.
  • » A refreshing different look at health and nutrition.
  • » Inspirational, excellent knowledge of subject – should have been longer.
  • » Ming blowing in a great way. Brilliant speaker – the best in the whole conference.
  • » Great material to include as body image and food are really important.

Since the success of her two bestselling books ‘Changing Habits, Changing Lives’ and its accompaniment ‘Changing Habits, Changing Lives Cookbook’, Cyndi is in high demand both nationally and internationally as a keynote speaker. She conducts speeches bi-monthly on achieving health and lifestyle goals as part of her involvement in the holistic LIPS (Ladies Initiating Prosperity and Success) seminars for women.

As a popular and well-respected health advocate, Cyndi frequently writes for magazines and newspapers and has also been asked to share her holistic health and well-being tips with audiences of such television programs as Today Tonight, Brisbane Extra, and Fresh, 9am with David and Kim, and Nourish.

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