For those that actually read my regular rantings on my blog,  you will know my distain for those who preach low or no Carb diets. So I want you to “Meet Gary” in my last ditch hope that this may make some sense for the hard heads left in the world still singing the praises of low or no carb diets.

Gary eats rice all day in all his meals and Gary has a very well developed muscular physique and carries very low adipose tissue (FAT). Along with his rice meals he eats lots of vegetables and some lean meat, mainly fish but also enjoys steak and chicken. By the way Gary has about  1,338,299,500 country men and woman who do the same. Obesity is not a problem in his country (CHINA) Gary in fact lives here now in Australia and avoids fast food outlets and eats the same as he did when he lived in China.

So just so you can re-read what I have said in previous article I have attached an article I wrote back in January 2011. HELLO !!!

Enough with the ongoing saga of the” Low Carbohydrate diets”.
This nonsense has been going on far too long and Australians still foolishly believe this rubbish. At least the Americans let this go a few years ago, obviously we are all far too gullible.
In some ways I can’t blame people as this has now become what I term as an “URBAN MYTH” and has taken to the masses, nearly as crazy as the silliness of ”The liver cleansing diet”. Thank heavens most people have woken up to this rubbish as well. Snake oil salesmen are still pedalling this garbage.
We have all heard the statements that are spread around…like “I (or my friend) lost 10 kgs in a week on a no carb diet …yep they probably did. Here is what happens when we go on a low carbohydrate diet.
As most us know, up to 70 percent of our body is water! Muscle is made up of about 75% water, fat is made up of about 50% water and our bones are about 50% water also. So on a no or low carbohydrate diet we lose water, not fat. This is not good. Also our brains will only ingest carbohydrates and our brain needs these foods high in carbs to function effectively.
If you feel lethargic, slow, sluggish foggy and disorientated in the head (and cranky) chances are your brain is low in carbs. The brain needs about twice the calories of carbohydrates than the rest of the body. These carbs help us concentrate and is the energy best utilized by the body for work outs.
We still ingest far too much protein in our diets. Protein is used for repair but in the western world we still ingest far too much protein. Dieticians will tell you that if we are sedentary we only need .8grams per lean body mass of protein for our daily intake. If you are lifting heavy weights regularly then you can increase the amount of protein up to 1.8- 2 grams per lean body weight. Any more will be stored as adipose tissue, (FAT) and will contribute to kidney damage and arthritis.
Why many people believe carbs make them fat is mainly because water bonds to carbs easily and you may feel slightly bloated. Carbs should still make up 60% of your diet especially those who exercise regularly.
An insufficient intake of carbohydrates during a strict diet can lead to a loss of lean muscle tissue. When you’re trying in increase muscle mass, carbohydrates help lower cortisol levels, increase testosterone levels, regulate insulin and assist in funneling protein and other nutrients into your muscles.
Your success at building muscle mass or burning body fat comes down to your glycogen levels. Glycogen is the name of stored or unused carbohydrates in your muscles. After carbs replenish your muscles (at the muscle site) glycogen then enters your liver where this is stored and can be called upon and utilized when completing heavy workouts that need a good energy source. The bodies preferred energy is carbohydrate.
So let’s all get off the ridiculous notion of little or no carbs phase and catch up with the science. Choose your carbs wisely aiming for low glycemic choices at each meal.
John Hart
“Master’s In Education” (Disability) Newcastle University Australia
“Grad Cert Education” Newcastle University Australia
“Diploma Fitness/Recreation”
“Cert 4 Personal Training”
“Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

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