It’s definitely time for you to consider the benefitsof meditation.  No longer is this art restricted to the hippies of the 70’s or the world’s eastern cultures.  In fact many housewives, house husbands, professional business people, young people and seniors are discovering the benefits of meditation.

Meditation is about training our minds to become more peaceful. While we may spend hours exercising to keep our bodies looking and functioning well and eating the right foods to keep our bodies functioning effectively
and healthy we should never overlook our minds.  Our brain controls our entire body via many systems such as the endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, central and peripheral nervous systems.  Yet it is probably the least
we exercise and rest.  This is where meditation can be beneficial. 

When we learn to relax our minds, we tend to be free from many worries and mental discomfort; it is then that we can experience true happiness. By meditating we allow ourselves to clean out the garbled messages that have accumulated over a busy day or week.  Meditation is viewed by some religious cults as “Devil like” and not to be ventured into however the truth of the matter is that meditation need not be associated with any form of worship or prayer.  Meditation simply means awareness.  It can be simply focussing on your breath. The activity should be free from other distractions to the mind.  When you can achieve this, it is effective meditation. 

Find a group near you who can teach you the technique.  While it may take some time to accomplish this task, you will find it very beneficial.  Remember the art is to free your mind of chatter and scattered random thoughts.

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  1. Ashley February 8, 2011 at 6:17 am Permalink

    Hi John
    Just checked out you site. Anyway this is probably not the right question for this section but here goes anyway. Is this meditation successful in weight loss. I have recently read about the Gabreil Method and wondered if this is similar or in oyur opinion a worthwhile method to investigate

  2. John February 9, 2011 at 12:20 am Permalink

    Hi Ashley,
    I am aware of the Gabriel Method and his book ….and YES!!… I believe this has merit our brains are very plastic and often our will power assists with weight loss…. there is much documentation about NLP and deep meditation/relaxation and visualization…everything starts as a thought it is then what we do with these thoughts that has a negative or positive reaction for us…Our subconscious is responsible for results we receive….. many have told me they have benefitted from this type of approach. We also spend a lot time these days working with elite athletes and Sports Psychologists. Good luck if you go down this road.

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