The Magic of Real Food …..Series…”CHEESE”

Today’s food is “Cheese”

Over the next few days I will be looking at a range of healthy foods, the nutrition they offer, and how they affect our bodies in positive ways.

As most of you are now well aware I am against supplements/powders/pills and potions, especially those still on the market full of chemicals and bad substances that have been banned in other countries. My aim is to get people away from the charlatans and non-natural food products that are pushed and promoted as healthy whilst actually being bad for us, lining the pockets of the sellers whom have no regard for our health. (source:

The Health Benefits of Cheese

Cheese is very nutritious, as it contains a variety of vitamins such as:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B12
  • zinc
  • phosphorous

The high calcium and vitamin B12 content in cheese helps to develop strong bones and cartilage, which is particularly important for children, pregnant women and the elderly. The vitamin B that is contained within cheese actually helps the body absorb and distribute the calcium that cheese provides.

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Preventing osteoporosis is an extension of the bone health that cheese helps to promote. Osteoporosis occurs when there is a deficiency of calcium in the bone structure, or a lack of absorption of calcium. As a result, bone density decreases, leaving a person vulnerable to breaking bones much more easily.

Those affected more frequently with osteoporosis are the elderly, women going through menopause, and those who suffer from malnutrition. A protein and calcium-rich diet can help to offset this condition. Cheese contains high levels of protein and calcium, which can be incorporated into the diet to help combat osteoporosis.

Strong Teeth

Teeth depend on proper nutrition to remain strong. One of the most important nutritional substances that teeth depend on for proper growth and health is calcium. Since cheese is highly abundant with calcium, it can have great benefits in keeping teeth strong.

High Protein Content

Cheese has high levels of quality protein, which contains all the essential amino acids that the body requires. This makes cheese a complete protein that does not need to be supplemented or combined with any other food to get all the essential amino acids that the body requires. The protein contained in cheese helps to build muscle tissue.

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