Want to know how I lost weight?

I have been talking, teaching, training athletes, working with the general public, blogging, setting up fitness centres across Australia, consulting to overseas clients and have been around the fitness industry for over 30 years. So, after reaching the ripe old age of 54 years I had, (I must confess) put on some excess kilos, about 10kg actually. So after ranting and raving about what people should do to achieve a sensible weight for themselves and how to lose fat without all the fads and gimmicks I thought it was now well overdue that I in fact take my own advice.  What did I do? Well, firstly I will tell you what I didn’t do!!… hahaha!!  I didn’t run 10kms a day, I didn’t go crazy and over train like a mad man, I didn’t take supplements, I didn’t go on some crazy wacko cookie/chocolate/Israeli/ low carb/ or high protein nonsense either. I also didn’t expect to lose the 10kg in 2 weeks. I actually worked out my lean body mass and worked out a balanced diet using the Australian Nutritional Standards. This is still the way to go. Yes nothing has changed guys sorry, no quick fixes, just plain old common sense I learnt from many years at University, TAFE, research, and reading proper referred articles from qualified professionals that I respect. The Australian Nutritional Standards still recommend us to:

• Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruits

• Eat plenty of cereals (including breads, rice, pasta and noodles), preferably wholegrain

• Include lean meat, fish, poultry and/or alternatives

• Include milks, yoghurts, cheeses and/or alternatives.

(Reduced-fat varieties should be chosen, where possible)

• Drink plenty of water…… and take care to:

• Limit saturated fat and moderate total fat intake

• Choose foods low in salt

• Limit your alcohol intake if you choose to drink

• Consume only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing added sugars

So using this information I base my diet on the required calories I needed, and worked out a diet with 60% carbohydrates, 25 % Protein and 15% fats. Not that hard really!!! So in a matter of a few weeks I managed to drop the adipose (fat) I needed to lose. Yep!!!!… No pills, no expensive tins of processed chemical nonsense that are a waste of money (and in many cases dangerous to your health), no shakes, just plain good healthy natural food. I had no energy loss, no fainting spells from low carb nonsense, no ketones floating around causing me to feel sick, and I didn’t even cleanse my liver LOL hahahah!!!.

Now, I know it is crazy out there and you are bombarded with a myriad of rat bags trying to give you the magic potion, but forget the gimmicks and just eat well and sensibly. I still want to lose another 5 kgs but that will be easy now. All you need to do is get started. The longer you leave it the longer it takes and the sicker you will get. Stay away from the crazies and follow a plan back by real health professionals, not someone who has no qualifications or completed a course that sees them be a personal trainer in less than 6 months!!!… You also don’t have to live on chicken breast and egg whites either, eating well and eating tasty food is about using fresh natural food, herbs and spices to make interesting and yummy food that is good for you. Naturally grown food contains macro, micro and nano nutrients that simply cannot be found or duplicated in expensive supplements. Save your money. When you start?…… be committed to losing weight, don’t pretend or fool yourself that that extra piece of cake, chocolate, packet of chips, biscuit, glasses of wine/alcohol, high fat take-away or fatty food won’t matter, they do!!! If you are not focused and serious then don’t waste your time. Bon appetite!!!….

By: John Hart

Master’s In Education” (Disability/Rehab) Newcastle University Australia

“Grad Cert Education” Newcastle University Australia

“Diploma Fitness/Recreation”

“Diploma of Sport and Recreation”

“Cert 4 Personal Training”

“Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach”

Member of ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

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