The journey of a diet junkie

A Big thank you to my wife for allowing me to use her story. No doubt many can relate to her own personal experiences.

I turned 48 a few days ago.  I woke up happier, healthier, fitter, stronger and leaner than at any other time in my life.

Throughout the day l had cause to think about my life’s journey so far.  Unfortunately, like many other woman, my adult years have been consumed with body image issues and endless dieting…

I’ve done them all.  I know about and have tried to exist on the Israeli Army Diet, Atkins, Low Carb, High Fibre, meal replacements, protein powders and a number of the ‘name’ diet programs regularly advertised on TV. I’ve existed on rice, apples & water.  I’ve eaten foods l hate such as grapefruit.  I’ve passed out in exercise classes from too few carbs in my diet.  I’ve lost weight quickly, and … l’ve put it all back on again.  I’ve never actually been obese, but l have struggled to accept my body shape and to lose those few nagging kilos.


So, what’s changed in the last few years?  First, l met my husband whom has some knowledge and qualifications in this area and secondly, l bravely (blind faith?) accepted his advice even though it went against everything l had ever done and believed with respect to diet & exercise.

He re-educated me to understand that:


  1. I needed to get my head in the right space with respect to my ongoing body-image battles and focus on my health & wellbeing rather than being obsessed with the numbers on the scales.
  2. I needed to actually eat real food to lose weight …  otherwise the body hangs onto fat and consumes muscle mass.
  3. I needed to eat regularly, 3 meals and 2 snacks every day, to keep my metabolism firing.
  4. When l ate it was important to consume nutrient rich foods, such as eggs, cheese, lean proteins, grains, fruit & vegetables … and it was ok to occasionally eat good quality chocolate or have an affogato.
  5. I must include a weights programme in my exercise regime to change my shape.  And no, we women don’t end up looking like Arnie!
  6. I should rest when l felt tired … recovery is as important as doing exercises that make you huff, puff & sweat.
  7. I should actually go out into the sun … before 10am and after 3pm … and let my muscles & bones soak up some rays.

My following his advice l am now at peace with my body and fit, healthy and lean. l walk everyday, run (sprint) on the treadmill twice a week, do 3 heavy weights sessions a week and allow myself to have a nana-nap when l need it.   l’ve built up to this level of exercise over a number of years and LOVE every minute l spend focusing on me and staying fit & strong.  I eat steak, eggs, fish, yoghurt, milk, nuts, fruit, veggies, rice, pasta, bread…. And coffee!!  I go out in the sun when it’s safe to do so and now, not only do people notice my new fit shape, they notice my skin, my smile and the health of my hair.   AND l so love the fact l can squat & bench more than a lot of guys’ l know!!!!

Most importantly of all, finally at 48, my days of cursing the number that appears on the scales and yo-yo dieting are over!!!

The Weight Loss Tool Kit

After living with me and my ‘issues’ and advising 100s of clients over the years, my husband decided to do something about helping others to achieve the same results l’ve made…. both in the mind and the body.  And so, with input from Exercise Scientists, Exercise Physiologists, Nutritionists and Psychologists, he recently launched his Weight Loss Tool Kit (WLTK).

The WLTK contains:


  1. A deep relaxation CD to help get your mind in the right space
  2. 2 DVDs demonstrating how to do an endurance and hypertrophy weights programme… and you can do the programmes in the comfort of your own homes
  3. An educational DVD exploring those myths we’ve all believed and followed
  4. A 16 week diet plan … including shopping lists, articles and a guide on what to eat, when to eat it and how to cook the meal.

All the meals contain good, healthy foods and are so simple and easy to make.   Best of all, they’re all meals you can prepare for your family too.


The kit has been designed to cater for whatever stage you’re at, whether that’s getting your head right, starting an exercise programme, losing weight or all of these components.  The programme is tried & tested (l’ve done it along with many others) and it won’t date.  And you get all of this for a one-off cost of AUD$250.  The other great thing is that a proportion of all proceeds goes towards helping children whom experience famine.

Give it a go.  You have nothing to lose, except weight and unhealthy practises, and heaps to gain…. A healthier, stronger, fitter more balanced you.

By Sharon Hanley-Hart

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