Cycling Cynic

This turning 50 isn’t as easy as I thought. Instead of buying the Harley, the red sports car, or trading the wife in for a younger model, I, well we, have decided to re-live our youth by doing adventure trips that will reinvigorate us and stave off the wrinkles and obesity associated with old age. So, our next adventure was to be a Cycling Queensland 9 day trek around the beautiful Darling Downs.

The brochure looks sensational with pictures of green pastures, lots of happy, smiling faces and magnifi cent blue skies. Just looking at the brochure and reading the prose of the professional copy writer makes my wife Sharon and I eager to participate in this annual event. There is talk of camaraderie and friendships that will last a life-time. Undeterred by the threat of the lasting friendships stuff, we decided to go anyway.

Interested in reading more about John’s epic cycling journey? Click here to download and read John’s “Cycling Clinic”.

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