Itchy Legs when you exercise?

Many people and particularly woman get itchy legs when they exercise. This often occurs when you first start a new exercise routine. Walking is a common exercise that results in itchy legs. Cholinergic Urticaria is the term used to describe this phenomenon. It simply means an increase in body temperature resulting in your legs feeling very itchy.

Some people will become quite heated and develop hives or bumps.
Antihistamines can treat the condition however it usually disappears on its own without any medication.

If the itching continues try doing other forms of exercise. Exercising in the cooler part of the day may help to eliminate this condition. The climates of the topical areas where humidity is high will also increase the occurrence of this very annoying ailment.
In very rare cases, the ailment can lead to an anaphylactic shock causing the person to faint, pass out and become unconscious. In rare and severe cases, some individuals may then choke due to blocked airways. Individuals whom may be at risk of this occurring should consult a doctor and ask about carrying an “EPIPEN” in case of anaphylaxis shock.

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