Include Weight Training along with Aerobic Activity

Try to include both a weight bearing activity and an aerobicactivity in your weekly schedule.

Cross training offers advantages to those of you who want to just keep in shape and manage their weight and the elite athlete. 

Try adding a variety of different exercises to keep you motivated and interested.  However you don’t have to go to the gym and run aimlessly for hours on a treadmill or sit on a stationary bike.  Hop on a bike and discover the wonderful environment you live in, catch up with friends and play a game of tennis, join a rock-climbing club and discover the exhilarating thrill of abseiling down a rock face.  Whatever your passion, get out there and huff and puff your way around your town or city.

Use the gym to work those muscles your aerobic activity may not.  Remember increasing your muscle mass helps keep the fat away.  If you find lifting weights boring, join up with a friend, it will be much more fun and you can help each other to “get motivated”. 

It is important to develop your entire body rather than a specific energy system.  It is important you get both an anaerobic as well as an aerobic workout.  Find and try a variety of sports.

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