Some hints to keep a healthy weight in 2015

Some hints to keep a healthy weight in 2015

Eat Less

Yes I know this sounds very simplistic, however, people simply eat too much for the energy they expend. Try cutting back on your servings sizes. Try eating off a bread and butter plate instead of a dinner plate.

Eat Breakfast

This is one of the most important things we need to do that we actually don’t do well. If you have eaten at say, 7pm and you miss breakfast and eat at 10am the following morning you have literally gone 15 hours without food. Sadly our bodies don’t access adipose tissue as much as we would like to stop our hunger, the body tends to head for the best source of glycogen, if our liver has been depleted of glucagon the  body will start consuming our muscle tissue, not what we want.


Move more

Try to walk, bike ride, run, jog, and or swim for at least an hour a day. Instead of sleeping another hour use the hour for some movement instead. You don’t have to run a marathon just move constantly for the hour.

Do weight training

One of the best ways to ensure you burn more energy is by increasing your muscle mass.  Try to do some weight training for 30-40 mins/ 3 three times a week. Work all the muscle groups (legs/chest/back/shoulders/biceps/triceps)

Food intake

Ensure you eat from all the food groups and avoid the fads and trends. Stick with the Australian and NZ food guidelines. Simply put,….. eat grains, seeds, dairy, lean meats, fruit and vegetables. Ensure most of your diet consists of a variety and mostly vegetables. You only require 2 pieces of fruit a day mix it up a bit choosing from a range of amazing fruit we have on offer. Despite what the bodybuilders of the world say, we don’t require as much protein as we currently consume in our western diets. Too much protein will inhibit good kidney function and increase the likelihood of arthritis…… protein will end up as adipose tissue (fat) if not required by our bodies. Stick with oily fish like salmon, small amounts of red meat, pork, lamb and chicken. We only require between ( .8 & 1 gram of protein per lean body weight) IE if you weigh 105kg but your ideal body weight is 88 kgs then you would only need (roughly) between 70.4 grams – 88 grams a day of protein. Protein is in many of our foods such as lentils, rice, dairy, (yoghurt cheese, milk) meats, bread, grains. It’s not hard to get enough.


Try and include a healthy salad every lunch time and ensure you have a variety of healthy yummy ingredients…. top with some extra virgin olive oil. Experiment with herbs and balsamic vinegar.


Fermented foods

Start to enrich your diet with fermented foods. A great deal of research is now telling us that to stay healthy and decrease inflammation we need to consume more fermented foods in our diets.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is not liked by the human body it would much rather see you drink clean pure water…… you will be surprised how better you feel drinking copious amounts of water. Alcohol is empty calories and offers our bodies nothing beneficial.

Stress less

Rid yourself of people who drag you down and look for those who lift you up and make you laugh. Hang out with motivated positive happy people that see the glass half full not half empty.

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