Have you had major surgery?

After having major surgery you will no doubt be aware thatthe better your physical condition is prior to surgery the better the
surgical outcome will be for you.

Should you be in a position whereby you will have further surgery the following tips will assist with your recovery prior to surgery:

keep active with regular exercise

reduce alcohol intake

quit smoking (if applicable)

reduce excess body fat

eat a well balanced, nutritious diet with protein including a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

You will find the better shape you are in the better and more quickly you will become mobile, have a faster rate of wound healing and with good nutrition better equipped to resist infection.

After your surgery your doctor will advise you on when you can get moving.  Today doctors tend to have their patients mobile very quickly.  Within hours patients are often sitting up and starting to move.  Many are in fact walking (depending on the surgery) short distances within 24 hours.  Doctors will advise on pain medication which may assist to make moving less painful.  Take it slow and stop immediately should you feel dizzy, lightheadedness, unsteady on your feet or short of breath.

Recovery after surgery is a three pronged approach:

Good nutrition

Self paced exercise

Avoiding smoking and excessive amounts alcohol

Remember consult with your doctor, start slow, building exercise back into your life slowly.

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