Guess who rode his unicycle into Derby WA Town today?


Guess who rode his unicycle into Derby WA Town today? So you thought you were fit !!!

Actor Samuel Johnson…..I caught up with him after returning from Looma this afternoon. What a lovely guy…The actor, known for his role as Evan on the The Secret Life of Us, will travel 15,000km in an attempt to raise $1 million for the Garvan Institute to find a cure for breast cancer.

The 35-year-old is attempting this record, year-long task as a final salute to his big sister, Constance, 36, who has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Doctors have given her six to 12 months to live.

“After the diagnosis I was talking to Connie about a legacy and how I had to send her off with a bang, so we came up with this,” Johnson said.

“Logistically I have never encountered anything as daunting, survival becomes a real issue. Of course injury, illness and Mother Nature will all present great obstacles. It is going to be a hard-fought battle, but hopefully I will come out on top.”

Follow the link to help and learn more.. 

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  1. Jenna Cowie May 11, 2013 at 12:46 am Permalink

    I am a massive fan of SLOU but you know… I like to remember him of the voice of Hungry Jacks…

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