A new exercise concept, Gravity Fitness, introduces a way to achieve total body fitness by helping you develop a strong frame that will properly support your body without injury or instability. Gravity Fitness gives you stable joints and strong muscles and bones, allowing you to take control of the aging process by strengthening your body to cope with Earth’s gravitational forces.

Carolyn Richardson PhD, has spent 20 years as a leading researcher and teacher of Core Stability and the treatment of low back pain. Dr Richardson is a Professor in Physiotherapy and her findings are taught throughout the world. In the last five years, through extensive involvement in Space research with the European Space Agency, Dr Richardson’s application of the Core Stability principles have evolved significantly.

Based on this research, she has expanded the earlier concept of Core Stability and developed an innovative, new model of exercise, the GravityFit Exercise Model (GFEM).

The GFEM is designed to improve Gravity Fitness by developing strong bones and muscles to support and stabilise the spine and other joints and improve overall muscle performance.

It focuses on activating the Antigravity muscles through three separate Antigravity Kinetic Chains (AKCs) which are interlinked through the central Stable Core. This significantly enhances stability of joints and strength of bones as well as minimising risk of injury and improving overall muscle performance. If you would like to learn more I suggest you visit Dr.Richardson’s website. (see below) Dr Carolyn is also involved with golfers, basball players and is also operating professional development next year at TAFE Mooloolaba Queensland Australia for all those who are interested in professional development in this area.

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