Food Planning

Your companion in exercise & weight loss

I deliberately called this article food planning rather than diet as the word “diet” congers up pictures of starvation and stress.  Most people who diet normally restrict calories, which can affect their metabolism and muscle mass. 

The secret to dieting is making the right choices.  We all know that eating the right foods makes us feel, look and constantly perform better.  Good wholesome food reduces the risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  The key is diversity and moderation.  You need to include lots of different foods in your diet.  This will ensure you receive all the nutrients you need to prevent illness and complete a workout.  This does include occasionally, note the word “occasionally”, extras like chocolate and cakes.  Ensure when eating these ‘extras’ that they are small serves. 

You need to reduce fat intake to 30% of your daily calories.  Cut back on fried and fatty foods, chose lean cuts of steak, skinless chicken and fish.

Include daily serves of dairy such as low fat skim milk and cheese, which are our best sources of calcium. 

Include dietary fibre which is important for a healthy bowel and may prevent certain diseases. 

Choose high fibre breakfast cereals, legumes and plenty of fruit and vegetables.  Some fats help lower our cholesterol levels.

Avoid salts and don’t add to cooking.  Choose lemon, herbs and spices to flavour your food.        

Small amounts of red meat are excellent sources of iron, particularly for women. 

For good intestinal health and to assist with bacterial balance eat food such as fermented milks and yoghurts. 

Be adventurous by including a wide variety of foods each day, take the time to savour your meals which should be an enjoyable experience. 

Stir fryingand micro-waving are quick and easy low fat ways to prepare foods.

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