Food Diaries


The key to success in both your exercise training program and eating plan is to keep a diary. Tracking your eating habits and the amount of exercise you do each day and each week will enable you to better manage what is happening in your life.

A healthy lifestyle involves a lifestyle change, not a one off approach to healthy weight loss and better eating patterns.

Troubleshooting your diet and exercise activity will assist you in not only maintaining a healthy weight but assist in the prevention of disease states, have a better quality of life and may just make you live longer.

The concept of a food diary is to establish good eating habits with your diet. Hopefully healthy eating will become a more natural part of your everyday life.

Diaries allow you evaluate what your strong points in eating (vegetables/fruit) or weak points (Junk food outlets) and assist you to develop a more balanced approach.

The process will allow for better education and being much smarter about what you eat, when you eat and the mood and state you are in when you do eat.

Many people eat out of comfort rather than necessity.
Most people are aware of what is healthy eating and what is an over indulgence of a particular food.

Remember eating and exercise is about balance. Keep the balance; but stay focused and enjoy both eating and exercise. Make it a part of your everyday life.

Food Diary questions:
Food / Drink.
Other Factors:
How much did I eat:
The kind of food I ate was?:
The Time of eating Was?:
Where did I eat?:
When eating I was alone or with someone?
Activity I have done today
My Mood at the time of eating was?:

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