Exercise and Back Pain

We all know that regular exercise will improve our appearance and general health.  One factor often overlooked is the benefits we can attain through exercise for lower back pain.

Recent studies now show that dramatic improvements can occur for people with lower back pain who are physically fit.  The person who is in good physical shape is less likely to injure their back at work and daily routines.

To benefit from exercise it is important to:

  • Focus on the muscles which support your lower back (Rectus abdominis, External & internal obliques, Quadratus lumborum and Erector Spinea)
  • Attain a reasonable level of aerobic fitness
  • Avoid exercise which may place further strain on your lower back
  • Complete exercise in a controlled, supported environment (machines)

Recommended exercises in relation to aerobic fitness are: swimming, walking, elliptical exercise and ski machines.

Avoid lifting heavy weights, squatting, climbing, high impact exercise, such as running, jumping and step aerobics.

When exercising, wear comfortable well cushioned shoes.  Over 85% of lower back pain can be attributed to tight hamstrings.  Ensure that your gymprogram has a substantial flexibility component.

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