Eating Good Carbs

I am nearly over the low carb fiasco this is to be my last attempt to talk about carbs then I will stop I promise…. hahaha!!! Carbohydrate is not your enemy, too many calories are. No matter what you eat (carbs/fats/protein) all will end up as adipose tissue (FAT) if you don’t require them.  Where we make mistakes is consuming too many total calories, in particular empty useless calories such as high glycemic carb foods. These are good if you are a marathon runner but for the average person or body builder they are not needed. Use only as a treat. Please remember if you body builders want big muscles (LOL) then carbs are your friend not protein!! Protein is for repair and we need nowhere near what people consume. As mentioned here on this blog before the human brain will only consume carbohydrate and can only function on this food. When working out, the body loves carbs as its preferred energy source. So to make it a little easier to understand here is a list of good carbs for you to eat. I have seen no new scientific data that says any different. I have seen lots of bullshit but no hard science data. Avoid processed foods where you can and eliminate preservatives. Try to eat good wholesome foods that are as close to nature as possible. I say to my customers/followers if it doesn’t look like it flew, walked, ran or was grown in the ground and of course if it doesn’t look like food then avoid it. It isn’t easy I know. Even our milk has been tampered with!! Consume fresh water, good grains, lots of vegetables, two pieces of fruit (vary it) a day, lean chicken/fish and small amounts of red meat once or twice a week is a good way to go. Use natural herbs and spices to flavour your meals. Laugh a lot and stop worrying none of us get out alive anyway! I have seen every new best thing in a tin all of which is a waste of money. Nature’s best source of amino acids you ask? …..Eggs!!, and they cost a lot less than a tin of crap which in many cases is loaded with chemicals and far too much caffeine.

I am however amused by those who tell me how bad carbs are then head out on the town to wipe themselves out with lots of beer one of the worse carbs you could consume. Anyway, keep calories to what you require (no more) and keep up with good energy carbs. Here are my recommended carbs as promised which won’t give you spikes in insulin which is a storage hormone. If you do eat high glycemic carbs consume (at the same time) it with a saturated fat or fibre which will make it a medium glycemic food.

Basmati Rice, Sweet potato, Jalna Natural Yoghourt and Jalna Genuine Leben European Style Yoghourt, Burgen breads, green lentils, chick peas, rye bread, very grainy breads (9 +), Spaghetti whole wheat, pearl barley, whole milk, plums, pears, apples, most vegetables, (avoid white potato if you are a fanatic ), Vermicelli, Kidney beans,(good protein as well ),Doongara white rice. This will get you all on the right track. I am still a believer that 50-60% of daily intake is from carbs, keep overall calories down. GOOD ONES !!!!!

By: John Hart

Master’s In Education” (Disability/Rehab) Newcastle University Australia

“Grad Cert Education” Newcastle University Australia

“Diploma Fitness/Recreation”

“Diploma of Sport and Recreation”

“Cert 4 Personal Training”

“Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach”

Member of ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

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