Why I dislike group exercise!

Most of us have participated in it, taught it, had fun doing it, but is group exercising the best way to go?

I must confess I am not a fan of group exercise even though I have been guilty of teaching (sadlyJ) and taking classes when I absolutely have to LOL.  While for the majority of healthy young people group exercise will definitely be better than no exercise at all and while the chances of someone young and healthy getting injured is limited the group exercise activity is fraught with many issues we need to be careful a about.

In most classes many people just come along with no prior screening or postural analysis before commencing a class. Of course ages of those participating will vary as well as any long term issues that have never been addressed that can actually make a particular problem worse for some exercisers. Men, woman and young people are all susceptible to chronic pain and joint issues that may need special attention. Some exercise routines will fact worsen the existing condition.

Always use a professional to look at current injuries, postural issues, the state of your heart, lungs, muscle imbalances, any chronic pain you may have, range of movement issues, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, and other health condition that can affect your improvement, health and any previous injuries you may have. This way your exercising will help benefit you rather than destroy you !!:)

By: John Hart

Master’s In Education” (Disability/Rehab)Newcastle UniversityAustralia

“Grad Cert Education”Newcastle UniversityAustralia

“Diploma Fitness/Recreation”

“Diploma of Sport and Recreation”

“Cert 4 Personal Training”

“Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach”

Member of ASCA (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

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