Chondromalacia Patella

A question from one of my followers I hope it may help others…If in doubt always see a good sports physio….

Follower: hey hey I am in need of your smarts please John …..i am getting knee pain on the front of my knee….. too many squats maybe ?…I do body weight squats everyday…are lunges more friendly for my knee?

Answer: In a nutshell Wolf no !!!….

Haha!! Sounds like you have Chondromalacia Patella
The pain usually originates from the tissue around the kneecap including the tendons, bones and cartilage surfaces. These tissues are put under high forces during many common activities and especially during activities like squatting, lunges, running, jumping, & hiking….. squatting and lunging can place up to six times an individual’s body weight through these tissues.
Repetitive high loading eventually leads to inflammation &tissue breakdown and subsequent pain…..
The primary treatment of anterior knee pain or chondromalacia of the patella is a strengthening program of the quadriceps muscle.
I suggest you go get some Voltarin 25s and use them for 3 days…make sure you have lots of food in your stomach when u take them… then rest for a week or so and come back doing some bosu ball balancing on one and two legs …this is to strengthen around the knee capsule… then Strengthening of the quadriceps muscle when done properly often results in approximately 90% cure rate for this condition so they tell us….. The reason that strengthening of the quadriceps muscle is effective is that it takes the pressure away from the knee cap cartilage and puts it into the muscular tissue… hope it helps….. Always good to see a qualified Physio if it continues… It could also be because your technique could be lacking and you may also have poor dorsi flexion at the ankle… check your technique is good and your tracking is also good….
Cheers wolf…..


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