Barefoot Running

I guess fads come and go and science often changes its mind on things….While I was at TAFE doing student pracs there was a big more to barefoot running and of course squats. Of course there are benefits with barefoot running and it is certainly easier to do squats with barefoot mainly due to better proprioceptor activation (a sensory nerve ending, located in a muscle, tendon, or the inner ear, that provides a sense of the position of the body.)

While I have heard all the arguments about the pros for running barefoot I am still a believer that when we change from one to the other (shoes to bare feet) we use different muscles which can result in injury. Our whole foot strike pattern is different. So if you are thinking of ditching your shoes and running barefoot remember you’ll be using your muscles differently and it’s a big change so it can result in muscle soreness and injury. Make sure you do this slowly. Here is a link from catalyst on the ABC that did some good work looking at this particular area.

I will leave it with you to make up your own minds. It’s a Good one to watch .. :) JH

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