Alcohol and Relaxation

While the occasional social drink of alcohol may place you in a state of relaxation it is not advisable to rely on alcohol to relax.  Alcohol causes a decrease in brain function and I don’t know about you, but I need to increase
my brain function not decrease it.  When consuming alcohol we see a release of potassium, which results in a “perceived” form of relaxation.  There are several disadvantages in using alcohol to relax:

  • heavy drinking often leads to intoxication followed by nausea and headaches
  • alcohol has been associated with violence and anti-social behaviour
  • can lead to addiction
  • alcohol even in small doses can effect driving skills and human motor skills both fine and gross
  • can increase the incidence of work accidents
  • alcohol does not mix well with certain medications
  • tends to make people do things they later regret

While I am not advocating total abstinence, Alcohol should be used in moderation.  The following ideas offer a better alternate for relaxation with positive side effects:

  • darken a room, close your eyes, put up a “Do not disturb” sign and listen to your favourite mellow music
  • find some where quiet, pick out a good book and do some quiet reading
  • find a secluded beach, lay in the sun and feel the coolness of a summer breeze
  • go for a walk in a rainforest
  • buy a relaxation tape and listen to it daily
  • take some deep breaths and enjoy a walk on the beach
  • have a quiet dinner with a close friend
  • go for a moonlight cruise (leave the alcohol behind!)
  • attend motivation talks
  • learn to meditate
  • join a Yoga group
  • Most of all - learn to relax without the alcohol.

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