After Cancer

Having cancer certainly changes the way we view the world. People who have had the disease are more likely to take control of their situation than someone who has had a heart attack.  For some unknown reason having cancer motivates us more to do something about our situation than if you had suffered a heart attack.

A growing amount of evidence from across the globe has prompted Cancer Organisations and Doctors to recommend regular exercise as prevention and treatment for those suffering or recovering from their illness.  Today specialists place exercise alongside nutrition, in assisting patients in recovery.  We now know that one third of annual cancer deaths can be attributed to diet and sedentary lifestyle.  Another third to cigarette smoking.  Therefore lifestyle changes are important.  It is true that genetic factors influence cancer risk as well, however even in this group we see how instances of certain cancer can be influenced by lifestyle factors.

There are lower incidences of cancer in people who exercise regular and eat well.  Many cancers can be avoided.  Practice the following to ensure your best chance of the disease not re-occurring:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Increase fibre intake
  • Avoid saturated fats
  • Quit smoking
  • Keep your weight down to an acceptable level
  • Eat plenty of multi-coloured vegetables and fruits
  • Choose low fat protein such as fish, chicken, lean steak. Don’t consume loads of red meat

Exercise accelerates the movement of waste through your colon thereby not leaving behind cancer causing substances.  Again, remember everything in moderation.  No one expects you to complete a marathon.

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