What is the best environment to do a workout in?

The best environment to workout inis a well ventilated room at room temperature.  The ideal room would be well ventilated, with plenty of light, the room may contain large, commercial fans which would circulate the existing air.  The best way to avoid injury is to ensure your body temperature is raised slightly during any exercise program.  Air-conditioned facilities tend to prevent the body temperature remaining constant throughout your workout.  Listed below are the benefits of keeping your body warm (not hot) throughout your routine, (Remember, don’t be afraid to sweat, it’s good for you!)

  • “Specific exercise” concentrates on neuromuscular regions to be used, making this method (specific targeting) the most effective type of warm up, particularly in rehab patients
    Ideal rise in temperature should be 1-2°C
  • Increase blood flow has an affect on increased speed of muscle action and relaxation
  • Greater economy of movement because of lowered viscous resistance within active muscles
  • Facilitated oxygen delivery by the muscles because hemoglobin releases oxygen more readily at higher temperatures.
  • Facilitated nerve transmission and muscle metabolism resulting from the direct effect temperature has on accelerating the rate of bodily processes; a specific warm up may also facilitate the recruitment of motor units requested for physical activity
  • Increase blood flow through tissues as the local bed dilates with higher level of metabolism and muscle temperature.
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